Faraday Rotator & Isolator-1550nm
1550 nm Faraday Rotators & Isolators - 1525 nm to 1575 nm
4mm Aperture/ Rotator or Isolator types / Polarization Changeable
- Completely passive; no tuning required
- All isolators contain escape ports; all rejected beams are deflected at 90°

- Optional waveplate for manipulation of polarization
- Customization available

- Mapping
- Medical & Biosciences
- Chirped Pulsed Amplification (CPA)
제조사 Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.
가격 TBD
문의 정세웅책임/기술, 권석부장/영업 (T.02-3461-1103)
제품 특징


EOT’s 1525 nm to 1575 nm Faraday devices rotate the plane of polarized light 45° in the forward direction and an additional 45° of non-reciprocal rotation in the reverse direction while maintaining the light's linear polarization. An optical isolator shields lasers from destabilizing and potentially destructive back-reflected light from interfaces on downstream optics or back-scattered ASE from optical amplifiers.  

Based on high Verdet constant, low absorption coefficient rotating material, and developed to work with up to 20 W of average input power in the 1525 nm to 1575 nm wavelength range, these EOT devices provide the ultimate protection for polarized lasers. 

Clear Aperture4 mm4 mm
Transmission at 22 °C
Isolation at 22 °C
>30 dB
Pulsed Damage Threshold
1 J/cm² at 10 ns
1 J/cm² at 10 ns
Power Handling
20 W
20 W

Product specifications are subject to change. All products are RoHS compliant.
Escape ports should be used if rejected light is >1 W or 0.15 J/cm2 at 10 ns. All stray beams should be properly terminated.
NOTE: Return loss-free working distance ≥25 mm for a collimated beam