Faraday Rotator & Isolator-PAVOS
PAVOS Optical Isolators - 1010 nm to 1080 nm
2mm - 45mm Apertures
- Completely passive; not tuning required
- Rugged design suitable for harsh operating environments
- Specified performance to 50 W; tested to >400 W
- Optically contacted PBS cubes for improved damage threshold
- All isolators contain rejected beam escape ports
- Input polarization adjustability

- Input/output waveplates available
- Precision mounting available
- Precision rejected beam pointing available
- Customization requests encouraged

- Ultrafast, pulsed, and CW lasers
- Microelectronics
- Medical Systems & Device Manufacturing
- Micromachining
- Particle Acceleration
제조사 Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.
가격 TBD
문의 정세웅책임/기술, 권석부장/영업 (T.02-3461-1103)
제품 특징

EOT's PAVOS line of Faraday devices builds on over 30 years of experience in succesfully protecting lasers from destabilizing and potentially damaging back reflections. The PAVOS line has been specifically designed to meet the needs of high power and high energy 1 µm (1010 nm to 1080 nm) lasers. 

Our PAVOS rotators and isolators deliver industry-best laser reliability and performance while providing superior isolation and maintaining very high transmission. 

EOT's PAVOS products rely on the Faraday effect from high Verdet constant, low absorption materials to rotate the plane of linearly polarized light in the forward direction and an additional 45° of non-reciprocal rotation in the reverse direction. The PAVOS is available as a rotator or an isolator.

Small Aperture Isolatorsa
Large Aperture Isolatorsa
Clear Aperture2 mm, 5mm8 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm,
20 mm, 25 mm,
35 mm, 45mm
Peak Transmission
Peak Isolation>33 dBb
Typical >37 dB
>30 dB
Typical >35 dB
Peak Rotation
45° ± 0.5°
45° ± 2°
Damage Thresholdb
10 J/cm2 at 10 ns
1 J/cm2 at 8 ps
1 MW/cm2 CW
10 J/cm2 at 10 ns
1 J/cm2 at 8 ps
1 MW/cm2 CW
Temperature Range
-40 ºC to 70 ºC
-10 ºC to 60 ºC
Factory Tunable
Temperature Range
10 ºC to 30 ºC
Upon request
Isolated Beam Pointingc<5 mradUpon request

Product specifications are subject to change. All products are RoHS compliant.
Escape ports should be used if rejected light is >1 W or 0.15 J/cmat 10 ns or forward light is >25 W. All stray beams should be properly terminated.
At customer-specified wavelength and temperature
Input cube only 

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