Q-switched lasers
Q-TUNE - air-cooled, diode-pumped, tuneable wavelength Q-switched laser
Seamless laser and Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) integration.
Turnkey performance due water-free pump laser design.
Microprocessor controlled operation with self-optimization, self-calibration capability.
>2 Gshot pump diode lifetime.
Hands-free, automated tuning from 210 to 2300 nm.
Up to 5 mJ pulse energy in visible range.
<6 cm-1 linewidth.
Truly variable up to 100 Hz pulse repetition rate: no performance change from single shot to maximum repetition rate.
Internal or external triggering modes.
Separate output ports for access to pump laser wavelengths.
Low power consumption – from 50 to 150 W depending on model.
제조사 Quantum Light Instruments
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문의 02-3461-1103
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Q-TUNE in detail


Q-TUNE is single housing tunable wavelength laser. It employs Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) to produce tunable wavelength in 410-2300 nm range with linewidth narrower that 6 cm-1. Optional second harmonic generator extends tuning range to 210-410 nm with linewidth narrower that 12 cm-1.
Combined with shorter than 5 ns pulse duration and up to 100 Hz pulse repetition rate Q-TUNE is perfect coherent light source for temporally resolved spectroscopy, metrology, photo-acoustic imaging, remote sensing.
The heart of any laser system is master oscillator. QLI breakthrough water-free laser crystal pumping technology allows to produce high quality laser beam with up to 100 mJ pulse energy at 1053 or 1064 nm. Less than 7 ns pulse duration produced by pump laser is one more advantage, facilitating operation of OPO, which requires high peak power pulses for reliable operation.
Advanced laser design resulted in compact, user-friendly turnkey system that requires little maintenance. There is no chillers or bulky power supplies that one needs fit under the table. All laser electronics is integrated into housing of the Q-TUNE and the only external module is mains adapter that provides 12 or 27 VDC, 50-150 W power (depending on model).
Q-TUNE can be configured with different our pump lasers for optimal match to your application. If maximum pulse energy is required, Q-TUNE can be configured for 5 mJ output @ 450 nm at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate. When maximum repetition rate is needed, Q-TUNE can be configured for 100 Hz operation with 1 mJ @ 450 nm pulse energy.
Both pump laser and OPO are controlled trough single Ethernet port via build-in web-server. There is no need to install control software – any computer or even cell phone with modern web-browser will be able to control Q-TUNE. API is also provided for integration with user devices.
In addition to tunable wavelength output, the Q-TUNE provides two extra ports for access to pump laser beams. Fundamental or second harmonic output is available simultaneously with OPO (please inquire for detailed specs).
Output port re-configuration is fully automatic and is done from PC.
Optional extensions available by request:

  • Compact spectrometer for monitoring of OPO wavelength and linewidth.
  • Fiber coupled OPO output.


  • Temporally resolved laser spectroscopy (for example, Light Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (LIFS))
  • Photo-acoustics imaging.
  • Remote sensing.
  • Metrology.
  • Non-linear laser spectroscopy.
  • Flash Photolysis.