Nonlinear Crystals Oven
Stabilized temperature in range 30 – 80 °C
Temperature stability ±0.2 °C
Accepts crystals up to 15×15×50 mm size
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Nonlinear Crystals Oven
  • Stabilized temperature in range 30 – 80 °C
  • Temperature stability ±0.2 °C
  • Accepts crystals up to 15×15×50 mm size


TK8 is compact oven with built-in thermocontroller for nonlinears crystals to keep them at stabilized temperature in range 30…80 °C. The crystals with aperture up to 15×15 mm and length up to 20 mm can be mounted. TK8L and TK8XL ovens are designed for crystal length up to 30 mm and 50 mm accordingly. Each oven is made exactly for specific crystal aperture size, so it cannot be used for different size crystals.

Crystal oven can be used in two ways. First one is autonomic operation. This case temperature is preset in advance and stored in internal controller.

There is enough to connect DC power 12…24 V to keep crystal at preset temperature. LED indicator on top of oven shows that crystal temperature is reached preset value. Temperature setting can factory preset or customer can set it himself using CAN-USB converter (sold separately) and CanBrowser software. Another way of operation gives possibility change crystal temperature any time as needed using CAN interface.

On request we can manufacture ovens for crystals with aperture up to 60×60 mm or even larger.


Model 1)TK8TK8LTK8XL
Maximum crystals dimensions15×15×20 mm15×15×30 mm15×15×50 mm
Temperature range30 – 80 °C
Temperature stability± 0.2 °C
Power consumption<6 W<6 W<9 W
Control interfaceCAN
Crystal center position above pad16 mm
Dimensions, W×H×D48×44×26 mm48×44×36 mm48×44×56 mm
  1. Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.

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